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Windsor Ruins
windsor Scanned-0502

Windsor Ruins  2006 © Jim Ellis

 A four story mansion completed in 1860 by its owner Smith C. Daniell  II at a cost of $175,000 which included its marble mantels and elaborate furnishings.

Windsor Ruins 0005

Windsor 2003 © Jim Ellis

  The mansion took over a year to build. Steel caps and wrought iron balusters topped and joined the original 29  45 feet high Corinthian columns .The mansion had twenty-five  rooms [25] 19 by 20 feet and ceilings 16 feet high with twenty-five [25] fireplaces , with a basement containing supply storage rooms , a school room and a dairy. Four sets of iron steps reached from ground to the second floor.Verandas 12 feet wide were on each side of the house.                                                                               The first floor contained plantation offices, storerooms . On the second floor were double parlors opening with double doors and a large library. Bedrooms lined the third floor .All rooms were 19 x 20 feet with 16 foot ceilings. The fourth floor was a ballroom topped with a large cupola lined with glass.

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windsor Scanned-11

Windsor Ruins 2006 © Haley

Windsor 1970's

Windsor Ruins as it looked in late 1960s  mid 1970 s © Jim Ellis

windsor 7770

© 2005 Jim Lagerstedt

Windsor Plantation


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