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Hurricane Katrina Information

On August 29 , 2005 the evil and powerful daughter of hurricane Camille , hurricane Katrina roared ashore on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with even more destructive forces than her mother did 36 years ago in August 17,1969 just a little more [ 12 days ] than 36 years ago !!!

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     HURRICANE KATRINA DISASTER INFORMATION                                                                       Red Cross 1-866-Get Info

Red Cross 1-800-Help Now (Donations)

MDOT traffic hotline: 601-359-7017

FEMA: 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) TTY: 1-800-462-7585

Medical personnel:

Doctors call: 601-987-3079; EMTs call: 601-576-8085; Nurses call: 601-497-8022

Non-professional volunteers: contact Red Cross, Salvation Army other established volunteer organizations.

Photos from Katrina

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