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Mississippi was first explored by Hernado de Soto in 1540 and 1541 and was First a French colony in 1699  then a British colony in 1763 and a Spanish colony in 1779 and became a United States territory in 1798 .

The  Mississippi Territory April 7 , 1798 { date of organic act - date organic act effective - When the President acted } and was a territory for 19 years . Admitted to the union December 10 , 1817 as the 20th state. [ Source : National Archives and Records Service ]

The Mississippi River is the principal river of the United States and flows  2,330 miles from its headwaters northern Minnesota [ Lake Itasca ] to the Gulf of Mexico 80 miles below New Orleans. The first European to gaze upon the " Mighty Mississippi " was Hernando de Soto on May 8 , 1541 . More than 50 cities rely on the Mississippi for their  drinking water .

Total land area : 46, 914 square miles , we have 6 national forest and 27 state parks . The geographic center is Leake county¬  9 miles WNW of Carthage . State Flower : Magnolia Tree : Magnolia Bird : Mockingbird Motto : Virtute et Armis [ Valor and Arms ]
 Song : Go Mississippi

The  Natchez Trace : The trace is more than 400 miles long and 8,000 years old . It was originally traced out by buffalo  , then traveled by Indians , traders , missionaries and early settlers.

Flags : Eight flags have graced the gentle breezes of Mississippi

Official State Symbols


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