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Mississippi  is  a progressive great state rich in beauty, history , traditions , great food and real  Southern Hospitality . Our goal is to present an accurate  positive image and dispel some myths and stereotypes of the great state of Mississippi by gathering and placing as much information , facts , history , trivia , etc. in one place and on one site- POSITIVELYMISSISSIPPI.COM Mississippi - itís like coming home. We do our best to make sure all our facts are as accurate as possible by checking and double checking for accuracy - if there is any question it will not be posted until it is verified.

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Mission :

Positively Mississippi is entirely funded by the generous contributions of visitors like you.

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It is our goal to present a positive visual image of the great State of Mississippi . Learn about the history and the great people and maybe dispel some myths and correct old negative images and stereotypes about Mississippi! We check the information we post for accuracy and if there is any question we will not post until we accurately verify the facts. If you submit something to us please give us all the information you have so we can double check it before we post it. We are privately funded by individuals and corporations . If you would like to help or be a sponsor just shoot us an e-mail or just give a call          601-437-0698 and please leave a message if we miss you. We want to hear from you so let us know what you think .

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Got a great picture from Mississippi - send it to us and we will put it up and give you credit - be sure to tell us where it was taken and a little bit about the it and of coarse who took it.

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Southern Fried Chicken

The Official Mississippi State Toy - The Teddy Bear

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Tumbler says thanks for stopping by and drop us a note . photo of Tumbler   © Haley

Purpose: It is our goal to present positive images of the great state of Mississippi and to salute those Mississippians who have achieved national and international recognition in their artistic endeavors . We are funded by individuals and corporations  and not by any local , state , or federal money.

If you would like to be an advertiser , supporter ,sponsor or corporate sponsor and help us in our goal promoting the beauty and positive images of the Great State of Mississippi .
Just give us a call 601-437-0698 or send us an e-mail



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